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David Wendl-Berry

David Wendl-Berry

  • Author: davidwb
  • Date Posted: Feb 22, 2017
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  • Address: 1 Green Court, Middle Yard, Kings Stanley Stonehouse Gloucester GL10 3QH

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Address: 1 Green Court, Middle Yard, Kings Stanley Stonehouse Gloucester GL10 3QH

07760 273943 (mobile)


David apprenticed to the late Sun Bear, a Chippewa Medicine Man for 8 years. He is a fully qualified “Wilderness Rites Of Passage” guide, having trained with Steven Foster and Meredith Little at “The School Of Lost Borders” in Eastern California. He is a Reiki practitioner and has been trained in The Metamorphic Technique. He also trained with Arthur Lincoln Pauls in “Ortho Bionomy”, the science of intuitive and interactive healing which readjusts and aligns unequal and opposing energies within and around an individual to achieve a final balanced unity of body, mind and spirit.  David has been using PTPP/Animal Imagery with adolescents going through the Rite of Passage known as “The Vision Quest”.