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Lasse Emil Ebbesen

Lasse Emil Ebbesen

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I was born in 1967 in Copenhagen. I am a trained psychologist, with a degree from from the University of Copenhagen. I have worked for more than 20 years in counseling and therapy in Italy and Denmark. I have taught medical students at the University of Copenhagen. I have also been involved in the Danish Psychological Association’s Board of Directors. However, I meet most clients  in my private practice. My experience covers a broad spectrum area in the treatment of individuals, couples and families.

Continuing education is a fixed point in my work. I constantly assess my work and learn from others so that my advice and treatment continuously takes into account new research and new impetus from the professional, psychological environment.

I  experience daily how psychological counseling and treatment can give people a richer life with higher self-esteem and a greater strength to deal with future challenges.


Contact -Lasse Emil Ebbesen

Brunevang 17,

2700 Brønshøj

Tlf.: 50 86 66 66