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Become certified as a Deep Imagery guide.

Interested in learning an imagery process that is deep and nurturing? Would you like to gift yourself the time to engage with your inner world? An experiential, life-changing experience.

Are you interested in enhancing your imagery skills? Learn how to use imagery to explore any situation. Become certified as a deep imagery guide. Learn how to work with Chakra animals, Polarities, Ways of Knowing, dreams, physical conditions, emotional issues, couples and more during our training process.

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Distance Learning Training 2018

Trainer: Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

The Deep Imagery Distance Learning program is a distance learning version of The Core Curriculum Training in Deep Imagery, as developed by E.S. Gallegos, PhD. It is a 3 year program, certified by the IIVR (International Institute for Visualization Research). Until 2017, our training had been only offered as a residential training. Now it is possible to train from the comfort of your own home.

In the distance learning, our groups of 3-6 people meet via telephone dial-in or VOIP, for up to 2 hours at a time for instruction and then schedule practice sessions with each other outside of that.  The DIT program allows people to integrate Imagery into their lives and deepens their imagery practice through that daily interaction.

For more information, visit www.deepimagerytraining.com

Tiefenimaginations-Training 2018

Leitung: Raffaella Mayana Romieri

Information & Organisation

Barbara Reiter, +49 (0)157 540 161 98, tiefenimagination@t-online.de

Beginn jeweils mit dem Abendessen um 18.00 Uhr
Ende jeweils mit dem Mittagessen um 13.00 Uhr

1. Jahr 2018 6. – 10. April 1. – 5. Aug. 28. Nov. – 2. Dez.
2. Jahr 2019 6. – 10. März 7. – 11. Aug. 13. – 17. Nov.
3. Jahr 2020 26. Feb. – 1. März 12. – 16. Aug. 18. – 22. Nov.

Seminarort: Seminarhaus Holzmannstett 1, 83539 Pfaffing, www.holzmannstett.de

Information: http://www.tiefenimagination.net/termine/training-tiefenimagination-22.html

Czech Republic, 2019

The next training in Czech Republic will start 20. – 24. Feb. 2019 – information will be ready by end of Feb. 18 on http://www.tiefenimagination.net

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