80th anniversary of Steven Gallegos

Konstanz is one of the most beautiful German towns, on the big and wonderful Lake Bodensee (Lake Constance). But a 20 hour trip on bus from Poland is not a pleasure. Why did I take on this journey then? Wouldn’t you go to the other end of the world to the 80th birthday party of your beloved Grandpa? I felt like this spending 20 hours on bus, going to Konstanz.  And so did many other people, from all around the world – not only from Germany, Switzerland or Austria, but also from Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Macedonia and even from United States.

It was really an international, colorful company, and everybody had the same feeling that we celebrate the anniversary of our beloved Grandpa. A Grandpa who cares and remembers them all and thanks to whom they have found their way back home inside of themselves, the inner home.

The whole gathering started with deep imagery journeys about connections. Connections inside ourselves, then connection with somebody at the gathering and then with the outer world.

There were many touching stories about connection with inner child and how it is important. The connection between male and female energy appeared also very strongly. My own journey was with shoal of fish, which showed to me that the whole shoal of fish has one consciousness and suddenly I understood that what I am looking for is group of people with similar consciousness, with similar view and understanding of the world.

In this special moment every fish of this shoal turned with its mouth to me, to my body, which wasn’t a body of fish now, but my human body and they started, in a way, to massage me with their mouths. It was a wonderful feeling of peace and joy through the whole of my body, as if I was a child in mother’s womb. This feeling made me understand, that if I want to have good contact with other people, I need to have good contact with my inner self, with every little part of myself. That gave me a feeling of courage inside.

And soon this courage appeared to be very useful, because Steve and Mayana from Austria decided that it is a good moment to announce that Festival of Animals in 2015 will take place in Poland and that I will be organizer. Usually in such a situation I wouldn’t know what to say, especially in front of about 100 people, but this time I did not feel any problem at all. This time my feelings were important, not the words that I’m saying. And feelings were the same as with this shoal of fish massaging me with their mouths – peace and joy and even pleasure of being seen by others. And maybe these good feelings of mine caused that so many people were deeply interested in coming to the Festival to Poland. Some of them already decided to offer workshops combining deep imagery with music, dance, painting on body, drama also Feldenkreis method. But also there was a proposition of workshop of making cheese! That may be fantastic! It seems to be so interesting that it’s hard for me to wait till the next year.

And then in the evening there was a party were even our 80 years old grandpa Steve was dancing. There was a big cake for him and lots of joy and laughter.

Justyna Rosa


The Festival of the Animals will take place in Kikow, Poland, 24 – 28 June, 2015. Visit the festival page for more information