Imagery with Lyssie

Imagery with Lyssie
by Jenny Garrison

(following a second visit to the orthodontist where he described the necessity for extensive work on the bite and palate, followed by straightening with braces)

Invite an image to come to you that would be your mouth… see your mouth as a picture

I see a little swimming turtle.

Say ‘Hello’ to the turtle. Thank him for coming

He wants to take me to a diamond cave. We go there. There are pictures on the wall of my ancestors. Turtle tells me I can call him Johnny. He tells me that a lot of my ancestors had the same bite as I do, and the old ones had nothing to cure it.

Ask Johnny about Dr. Linn and what he wants to do.

He is OK and so is what he wants to do.

Is there anything that needs to happen in preparation for the orthodontic work?

I need to , well, tell myself that changes are going to happen. I need to visit Johnny every once in a while. I need to tell my body to get ready to make the changes.

Anything else?

Yes, there is one picture he really likes that he wants to show me. He takes me to the back of the cave. It is a picture of a white haired lady with wrinkly skin. She is smiling.

Anything he wants to tell you about her?

Her name is Jane.

(Lyssie’s great Grandmother was Jane Garrison, who fits the description! In talking about the imagery afterwards, Lyssie felt she had this ancestors blessing with the work that lies ahead)