In Memory of Mick Grant

Dear Friends
The Animal Community lost a dear and valued member when Mick
Grant died last month. I find myself wanting to express some of the deep sadness I feel at his loss and share some of the memories I have of him.

I first met Mick at a training in Ireland when I was assisting Steve Gallegos. That week I had brought my dog and her six 2 week old puppies and over the antics of these animals we had our first connection. I remember him in his shyness and strength and deep integrity. Over the three years of that training, Mick embraced his growing fully and deeply. He also embraced all of us who were there with him. He became our Fire Keeper and Guardian of the Staff.

When my little boy, Saoirse Patrick died, I returned to that training
grieving deeply. Mick, in his quiet way, held a beautiful and safe space for me. We had many gentle moments , that meant so much to me in that time and for which I remain ever grateful. He never intruded but had a way of saying something, as I met him in a corridor or in the smoking hall, that touched me healingly.

Mick once told me he saw me like a tree he had once seen that had been struck by lightening but that still lived and grew stronger. I wanted to be like that tree. In the last week of the training he gave me a jar of water from a holy well in the Burren and asked me to allow it nurture me, in the way that water nurtures, so I could be like that tree . I still have that jar of water and often remind myself of the wish he had for me as he gave it to me.

I was honoured to attend his first workshop last November twelve months, in a damp wintery Ennis. I remember the generosity of his home both that day and in the evening I spent with him, sharing about the Animalwork. He was so joyous. “Whoever named it the PERSONAL Totem Pole was right” he said. “it is personal, individual”. For him, that was a major element in the work he did and echoed the uniqueness of his soul.

Thank you Mick for your presence. I am grateful to the Universe and The Great Spirit that our lives touched, however briefly.

May your Journey be in Peace.
Mary Diggin