Poem from Festival 2002, Australia

At the animal imagery festival 2002
At Nurimbah Valley, I became a white cockatoo
Away from busy Brisbane, out of comfort zone
I engaged with new people and enjoyed self-reflection alone
A number of messages and images came my way
Some new, some old and some with shades of grey.
I learned about the talking stick and the benefits of open, honest, direct communication
I’ll take it back to the office with eager anticipation.
I experienced a parrot, a black swan and a tiny grey mouse.
The birds taught me about healing, but the mouse became a mighty mouse.
A mouse with courage, a mouse with strength.
A mouse with the capacity to both feel and think.
So as I depart my cabin with a view and take with me my talking stick to share with a few
I see this imagery journey as a beginning, not an end.
My white cockatoo staying with me as a friend.