Polarity Journey: Hide and Seek

from William Larro

We recently held an Intro workshop for Steve Gallegos here in Munich, followed by a second two days under the title “Into Wholeness”. It was a great success, and roughly half of the attendees of the Into Wholeness session were old friends, i.e. graduates of the PTPP training which helped add to the high energy level.

During the Intro workshop, Steve asked us to journey to the animals of our present polarities. Here is a condensed version of what I experienced.

Journey to my present polarities

Giraffe, my animal of imagery, appeared and lead me to the place of truth and untruth. An Owl appeared as the truth. But it really couldn’t show me anything, other than that what I presently feel and see right now are examples of the truth. Untruth was everywhere. But I was also not able to grasp it. In this struggle, figures and objects kept appearing and disappearing.

Suddenly hide and seek were the polarities!!

Seek kept looking for the hidden. But it was a never ending story. They even sat back to back in chairs and couldn’t find each other. Hide always found new things and places for seek to search for. Seek finally realized that they both were part of the Wholeness. When they merged, a white lily appeared being held by a dark cloaked figure. The figure was sad about the merging of hide and seek, because it meant to it the end of all things, or the ultimate wholeness, that immeasurable moment before the Big Bang.