Summer 2014 Editorial

My Friends,

Welcome to the new Totempole Journal. We are now online at our own web address:

I wish to thank all that went into getting this new edition online. In particular, a huge thanks is due to those who responded to the call for submissions and sent in articles, poetry, art and journeys. Raffaella Romieri, Susanne Fay, Margrit Jütte, Justyna Rosa and Jenny Garrison all contributed to this edition and we are so much the richer for their effort.

A further thanks is due to the people at who were generous in their support of the IIVR as a nonprofit. Their Multi-language plugin has allowed us to have Totempole articles available in different languages. This edition, while mainly in English has some articles available in a second language.

Raffaella Mayana Romieri’s rich article on Woman Tribe and Susanne Olivia Fay’s account of her beautiful journey at Steve Gallegos’ workshop in Trogen, CH are available to read in both English and German. Justyna Rosa’s commentary on Steve’s 80th birthday celebration is available in both English and Polish as is her thoughtful article on anger.

We have long been an international community, spread throughout the world, speaking different languages. Language has never been a barrier in our gatherings, festivals and workshops, as Justyna’s article conveys. Meeting at that deeper level has always been where the energy is and it goes beyond our ability or lack of ability to speak in a particular language. However, it is very nice to now have the ability to offer translations of articles online.

With that in mind, I will be adding  from the older versions of the Totempole over the next few months. Some are already translated but many are only available in English. I would encourage anyone who has the inclination and ability, if they see an article they like, to offer a translation to be added to the site. It would be very appreciated.

A final thanks is due to the people at who were also very generous to the IIVR recently. I personally am very committed to maintaining a viable and supportive website and newsletter for our community. That job is made easier by support from other groups and organizations who through their generosity help support what we do.

So this is the new incarnation of our newsletter. I hope you enjoy it. It is a developing project and this is our first attempt in this format. It is exciting but also undoubtedly will be improved over time.

Our next submission deadline will be in the Fall.

Many Thanks,

Mary Diggin