Attention Non-USA-based Trainings

As of 2019, the IIVR no longer offers scholarships for trainings based outside of the USA. 
Scholarships for trainings based in Europe will be managed by the new organization that is being developed in Germany.

Bursaries for Personal Totem Pole Process Training.

The goal of the Bursary and Scholarship Fund is to expand the use of the Deep Imagery in the world by supporting the training of imagery guides who will use the process within their communities.

The IIVR offers partial monetary grants or bursaries to eligible trainees, depending on available funding. The fund was established to assist individuals who could not otherwise participate in training due to financial constraints. The fund depends on donations for its resources. Therefore, usually, there is not a lot of money available. The usual amount of a grant is between 200 and 500 USD or Euros.

The grant is not paid directly to the applicant. Instead, if the application is approved, the money is paid to the trainer and the applicant receives a discount on the training to the amount of the grant offered. The IIVR office will notify the trainee/applicant as to the amount of the bursary, once the scholarship committee has made its determination.

Applicants will meet the following criteria:

  • Be currently participating in a USA-based training, i.e enrolled in a currently active training with a recognized trainer.
  • Have completed First Year and have enrolled in Second or Third year (i.e. Applications are ONLY open to Second and Third year trainees.)
  • demonstrate financial need or hardship.
  • be committed to using Deep Imagery in your community and the world.
  • Will commit to writing a follow up testimonial of the training &/or an account of how they are using imagery within 12 months of receiving the grant. This is an account of actual work done rather than plans for the future.


Application Requirements:

  1. Complete the application form using the online form. All applications should be submitted in English.
  1. The IIVR office will forward all applications to each member of the committee. You will also receive an email to notify you that your application has been received.
  2. An optional interview may be necessary via telephone or internet with the scholarship committee. Be prepared to talk about your desire to bring Deep Imagery into the world as well as your experience as a trainee. The committee will ask your trainer to provide a description of your experience during training.



Applications are reviewed once a year. Please submit your application between January 1 and March 31 of each year. Applications outside of those dates will not be considered.

The Scholarship committee will meet after March 31 and review the applications. As it is a voluntary, international committee, it may take a little time for members to coordinate the meeting.

Recipients of scholarships will be as to the status of their application, by June 15 each year by the IIVR office. All decisions by the scholarship committee are final.


Bursary Application

Apply between Jan 1 and March 31

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You may apply using the downloadable PDF on this page or using the online form in the next tab.

PDF Instructions

  1. Download the PDF file before filling it in.
    • You can right-click (or on a mac,  control-click) on the link IIVR Bursary_form and choose to “Save Link As ” (Windows) or “download linked file” (Mac)
    • Alternatively, if you click on link it may download automatically, depending on your browser settings.
    • If the PDF opens in your browser, use the “save” or “save as” options in your browser to save the file to your computer.
  2. Fill in the form and save it as you work on it. If, for some reason it does not allow you to save, then use “save as” or “export.”
  3. Rename the final version (save as) to include your name eg: TJones-IIVR-bursary-2016.pdf
  4. Alternatively, provide answers to the questions in a MS Word document and email that to the IIVR office.

Download the PDF here:

Application form Download   IIVR Bursary_form