Deep Imagery Intensives

Deepen your practice with a Deep Imagery Intensive.

Intensives are special, focussed events that concentrate journeys/imagery work around a specific topic or process, over a number of days.

They allow a depth of connection and healing rarely found elsewhere.

Healing. Journeys. Wholeness. Aliveness. You.


A deep and nurturing time devoted to processing through Imagery


CZ, May 2018 - Giving Birth to Yourself, with Raffaella Mayana Romieri

Some of us were expected to realize the unfulfilled longings of our parents and to satisfy their needs before even sensing our own. We got used to the fact that there isn’t enough space and nourishment for our own aliveness and gave up to wish for more. Keeping our inner flame low we learned to function and survive. Isn’t it time to step out of this limited space and start growing?


What if there are parts of your aliveness that haven’t been born yet because they weren’t welcome or fitting into the surroundings? Imagine those parts as tiny little seeds deep down in yourself. Patiently waiting for the invitation to start growing. How can you find them and support them to grow?


This workshop is an invitation to retrieve them with the support of the animals of your Deep Imagination. You will journey into your inner realms to discover which parts of you are ready to be born and brought into life.


Which of my body parts has been frozen by outer judgement or physical injury?

Which emotion needed to be buried and is longing to be felt and embraced again?

Did I receive the nourishment I needed or was I already nourishing somebody else?

Which seed of creativity is waiting to be watered?


The animals that you meet in the inner journeys will guide you with their knowing power, compassion and humor. They help you to leave the traces of your limited mindsets and beliefs and encourage you to jump with them into the bubbling inner ocean of your aliveness. It is composed of the nourishment and inspiration that you may have always been lacking.

Are you ready to dive deeply?


Thu 18.00 – 20.30

Fri + Sat 10.00 – 18.00

Sun 10.00 – 16.00

Information & registration

Petra Zemanová, 725 783 506, seminare(at)
artwork: © Deep Inner Space, Eva Schuster

An intensive journey into the forgotten parts of who you are
with Raffaella Mayana Romieri
17. – 20. May 18
Týnská ulicka 6, 1064 Prague, Czech Republic
English with translation into Czech

Wien, AT, June 2018 - Wirklich präsent werden: Über die Eltern hinauswachsen, mit E.S. Gallegos

Intensiv-Seminar mit Prof. Dr. Eligio Stephen Gallegos

14. – 17. Juni 2018  jeweils von 10 – 18 Uhr

Amida Zentrum, Neubaugasse 12-14/2/14, 1070 Wien

Kontakt: Alexandra Reisinger


Becoming Present: Growing Bigger than your Parents
An Imagery intensive with ES Gallegos, Ph.D.

Unser Ziel ist, so voll und ganz wie möglich zu wachsen. Doch nur allzu oft haben unsere Eltern oder Lehrer versucht uns Steine in den Weg zu legen, weil sie dachten, dass es an ihnen liegt zu diktieren und zu bestimmen wer wir sein sollen. Im Sinne der Evolution ist es notwendig, dass wir über unsere Eltern und unsere Lehrer hinauswachsen, indem wir unsere natürlichen Talente und unsere Kreativität entdecken und entwickeln.

In diesem Intensiv-Seminar werden wir in die Tiefe Imagination reisen, um jene Orte aufzuspüren, an denen unser Wachstum von anderen behindert oder in eine falsche Richtung gelenkt wurde. Und wir wollen die Begleiter finden, die uns dabei helfen können über Grenzen hinauszuwachsen und heimzukommen, indem wir unserem einzigartigen und unvergleichlichen Weg folgen

Kontakt: Alexandra Reisinger

Czech Republic, June 2018 - The Layering of the Stories of who you are with E.S. Gallegos, Ph.D.

The Layering of the Stories of who you are

Intensive in Czech Republic, Lovetin mit Steve Gallegos

21.06. – 24.06.2018

Aliveness is an experience. And since we are human animals this experience is quickly turned into words and concepts. This is the material from which we build the story that we tell about who we are. But the story is very limited. For one thing, much of it comes from the words of what others have said about us. And from older stories, the stories of our parents and grandparents, of our culture and country. We think the story must be simple and limited to only a few dimensions. And we seldom learn to allow ourselves the full complexity of the different stories of who we are.

What few of us realize is that we have layers of stories, and these layers are all linked to one another, so there is not one story about who we are but many layers of stories all of which are interlinked.

In this workshop we will explore the different layers and what story each one tells, and then look at how all of these stories are linked together. Ultimately we will discover that we are a beautifully complex being, and that many people, and we ourselves, have tried to reduce us to a single story. It is only when we accept all of the different stories of who we are, and see their deep interconnectedness, that we can begin to respect the deep creativity and the beautiful aliveness that we each carry, and begin to love and appreciate the magnificent uniqueness of who we each are.

More Information:

June 21-24, Czech Republic, Lovětín

z Čech Marta Anna Petrášová,, +420 774 256 713
ze Slovenska Zuzana Freyja,, +421 905 456 210

NM, USA, July 2018 - An Imagery Vision Quest: seeking wholeness, with Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

with Mary Diggin, Ph.D

Would you like a focussed time during which you can dive deep into your imagery while being in nature? Would you like to learn how to deepen your connection with the natural world? Do you wish to engage with Other world energies in an intuitive way? Are you preparing for a vision quest in the future and would like to actively engage your inner guides beforehand? Have you ever wanted to explore Vision questing but found it too alien to you? Has something about it not fully sat well with you but you still would like to explore the process? Then this intensive may appeal to you.

Since the beginning of time, humanity has returned to nature to connect with spirit and to seek answers to issues of the physical realms, to listen to nature and nature spirits, to allow a deeper wisdom  reveal itself to the seeker. The quest itself is a journey alone into the wilderness seeking personal growth and spiritual guidance from the spirit and Creator. Traditionally, the seeker finds a place that they feel is special, and sits in a 10 foot circle and brings nothing in from outside with the exception of water.

Through our deep imagery journeys we mirror this practice. We seek our personal growth, our wholeness by listening to a deeper wisdom. Our inner guides communicate with us, lead us within to connect us to the deep aliveness that is ours. We create our inner scared space from which we open our hearts to the guidance offered. Deep Imagery allows us connect to the natural world, to engage with Other and to deepen our everyday experience of living as human in a world full of Other…animal, plant, rock, air, bird, invisibles …whatever comes.

An Imagery Vision Quest

I learnt how to lead Vision Quests from Felipe Ortega, a Jicarilla Apache Medicine man. Felipe was Two-Spirit and so his take on the Vision Quest was often different than that of other medicine teachers. He was also ultimately practical: what worked, worked. Sometimes an overnight was better than 4 nights. Questers could use tents. Sometimes he offered food. Always he offered water. He taught me that Spirit is gentle and wants our growing and that we are just human. Sometimes, in this modern day and age, we need some extra support. In his spirit, I have rethought aspects of the vision quest and offer it in a modified way.

Especially mindful that we are in a time of deep climate change, overnight in the wilderness, with a protective fire is not often an option here in New Mexico. This year, we are once more facing a severe drought and most likely, by the summer season, we will be unable to access the Place of the Grandmothers, the forest area where I lead Vision Quests, and where Felipe led them, due to fire restrictions.

So, in the place of a traditional quest, this year I offer instead a 5 day nature and imagery workshop. In this intensive, you will journey each day to seek and clarify your vision. You will have the opportunity to spend time in your circle, in nature and learn how to listen and communicate with the Other who comes to you. You will have the chance to deepen your connection to the natural world and to open your hearing to a deep guidance that you can access at any time.

We will incorporate aspects of a traditional vision quest alongside our imagery practice: fasting, time alone in nature, silence, circle. These aspects will be guided by our imagery and will allow you create a unique and personal quest, completely supported by your inner guides.

Location: River Spirit, Embudo NM 87531, USA

Suggested Tuition: $500

Dates: July 14-18, 2018



Copenhagen, August 2018: Intensive, Opening Your Senses, with E.s. Gallegos, Ph.D

Intensive in Copenhagen, Denmark with Steve Gallegos 22.-26. August

Intensive in Copenhagen with Steve Gallegos

Opening Your Senses

22.-26. August


Contact: Mia Vasby InnerJourneys

We take in the presence of the world, of the Universe, of the present moment through the remarkable senses that we have developed.

Photons of light leave the illuminated object and stream toward our eye. The transparent cornea transmits these packets of light energy through the lens which focuses and aligns them, they reach the millions of rods and cones in the fovea and retina, are converted into electrical pulses that travel along the optic nerve toward the visual area of the visual cortex of the brain and are there coordinated and interrelated so that we see what was the source of the reflected light photons or light energy packets as the objects that they are. At least this is a very brief description of the physical path by means of which our vision begins.

What most people don’t know is that as well as impulses coming into the brain, the brain also sends impulses back to the sense organs which modify what they allow in. That is, we are capable of changing what we allow ourselves to see. And this is the case also with the other senses: hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. And there may also be other senses that have not been identified. After all, what I have written here is theory. Who has ever investigated you personally to understand the awarenesses of which you are capable. Perhaps you have senses that are brand new in the world, or that are just beginning to evolve.

And not only do we take in the surrounding world but we also interpret it. And our interpretation is modified by what we have learned, and also by the emotional experiences we have had.

One further complication is that there is also a realm of knowing that is a deeper layer, what I call the ’deep imagination’. In spite of its name it is not an imaginary layer of our knowing but a layer that is deeper than our sensing and thinking.

In this particular workshop we will concern ourselves with viewing the capability of the senses as they are known by the deep imagination, for the deep imagination can show us the senses in their own aliveness. How they relate to one another, whether they cooperate or compete, and how they might have been modified by emotional experiences and situations that we encountered as children. Plus the deep imagination knows how to help the senses return to their original and open functioning, how to re-open the senses and heal injuries that we may have carried with us in our view of the world and the people in it. Clearing the pathway so that we are more aware of the world as it presently is rather than how we needed to modify our awareness of it in order to survive our childhood. Helping once again to see with fresh eyes, to hear natural music, to taste, smell, and particularly to feel with the freshness of a child, but a child that has strengthened and matured rather than a child that still carries the injuries that forced it to modify its awareness of the world that first injured it.

And we will end by meeting with the sense of balance, possibly one of the most important senses, but also one of the most ignored.

Pfaffing, De, Sept 2018 - Ganz einfach: Du, Mit E.S. Gallegos, Ph.D + Raffaella Mayana Romieri.

Ganz einfach: Du

Ein Intensivseminar für dein tiefes inneres Wachstum

Dein Lebensweg hat dich hierher gebracht. Du hast viel erlebt, was dich wachsen ließ. Manches brachte etwas in dir zum Erstarren. Anderes gab dir die Kraft weiter zu gehen und dich zu entwickeln. Und immer hat die Lebendigkeit in dir danach gestrebt, sich zu entfalten. Nicht immer wurde sie dabei unterstützt und hat die Zuwendung und Nahrung bekommen, die sie gebraucht hätte.

Lass dich jetzt innehalten.
Spür tief in dich hinein

Was in dir möchte wachsen?
Welcher Aspekt deiner Lebendigkeit ist bereit, aktiv in dein Leben aufgenommen zu werden?
Welche Last, die du trägst gehört dir gar nicht und ist bereit abgegeben zu werden?

In diesem Intensiv-Seminar stehst du und deine Lebendigkeitim Mittelpunkt. Wir begleiten dich, damit du im Kontakt mit den Wesen deiner Tiefen Imagination erfährst, wie du deine innere Beziehung zu alten Verletzungen verändern kannst. Die Tiere deiner Tiefenimagination zeigen dir, welche Aspekte deiner Lebendigkeit darauf warten, in Beziehung mit dir zu kommen, um dein Leben auf aktive Weise mitzugestalten.

Lass uns wissen, welche Fragen dich beschäftigen.

Was in dir braucht Raum, um im achtsamen und sicheren Rahmen näher erforscht zu werden?

Wir lassen uns ein auf Dich und begleiten dich auf dieser inneren Reise in deine ganz persönlichen Themen.

Beginn: 18:00 Uhr mit dem Abendessen
Ende: ca. 13.00 Uhr mit dem Mittagessen
Ort: Seminarhaus Holzmannstett, Pfaffing, Deutschland
Seminarbeitrag: € 990,- exkl. Unterkunft & Verpflegung
Frühbucherpreis bis 31. Mai 18: € 900,- 2 Plätze zum Sozialtarif € 600,-
Anmeldung bitte bis spätestens 19. Juni 18!

Infos und Anmeldung:
Brigit Greiner, b.greiner(at)  +49-711-57 01 52 87

ein Intensivseminar für dein tiefes inneres Wachstum
mit Eligio Stephen Gallegos & Raffaella Mayana Romieri
Di, 18. bis So, 23. September 18
Ort: Seminarhaus Holzmannstett, Pfaffing, Deutschland
Seminarbeitrag: € 990,- exkl. Unterkunft & Verpflegung
Frühbucherpreis bis 31. Mai 18: € 900,- / 2 Plätze zum Sozialtarif € 600,-
Anmeldung bitte bis spätestens 19. Juni 18!

Bodensee, Nov 2017: Intensiv mit ES Gallegos, Thema offen

Intensive mit Steve Gallegos in Horn, Bodensee


Rosa Kolmar


Intensiv mit Steve Gallegos



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