Upcoming Workshop Leader Trainings

Workshop Leader Trainings

Open to anyone who has completed the Three Year Core Curriculum training in Deep Imagery

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Workshop Leader Training

June 29-July 4, 2021
June 27 -July 4, 2022

with Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

This training will be facilitated online if needed.



Workshop leader training is open to those who have completed the three year Core Curriculum training in the Deep Imagery.

Many of us who have worked with Deep Imagery have experienced profound healing in our lives. It brings us home to who we are in our deepest self. By engaging with our deep imagination, we discover how to walk our unique path towards wholeness. We know how to integrate the lost and lonely, the hurt and abandoned, the traumatized, and silenced aspects of who we are. We experience what it is to grow. We listen with the ears of our hearts to all the voices within us. Through this process, we become more awake and alive, following the call to always be authentically true to our deepest self. It is little wonder that some of us are called to share that gift with others.

Deep Imagery workshop leader training gives us a way to do this. Through this training, each of us will meet who we are as a workshop leader. Our strengths and our injuries show up, and we will have the opportunity to journey and heal in a way that is unique to each participant. We experience the support of our deep imagery guides as we bring into being the singular voice that is ours as a Deep Imagery Workshop leader.

The training consists of a total of two parts and approves the participant to lead groups in the process of deep imagery and the Personal Totem Pole Process. There will be a 12 month gap between each section, to allow participants to deeply integrate what they learn in part 1 through offering workshops.

In part one, each participant is required to lead a 3 hour Deep Imagery workshop. The topics assigned to participants will include: 1) workshop with the seven chakras, 2) journey to the four windows of knowing, and 3) working with polarities. The workshop is followed by Talking Circle feedback/sharing and imagery journeys to explore and heal any issues that may have arisen through the experience of leading a workshop.

Join Mary Diggin, Ph.D., in beautiful New Mexico for 5-6 days of deep imagery and participate in discovering your strengths as a Deep Imagery Workshop Leader.

5-6 Participants
$1600 per week or pay in advance for 2 weeks at $2900.
June 29-July 4, 2021
June 27 -July 4, 2022

Contact Mary Diggin www.DeepImageryTraining.co

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