Festival 2015 Workshops


Eligio Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D.

Steve Gallegos


Nature and Cities

We are an animal who has our roots deeply embedded in nature. We were born in nature and lived in nature for hundreds of millions of years. Yet we are also the animal that builds, and one of the things we have built is our cities. Cities are so recent, so new. We have been building them for only about ten thousand years. No other animal builds cities. And in many cases we then find ourselves confined to cities yet longing for nature.

In this workshop we will visit these two dimensions of who we are: the one that originated in nature and the one that builds. We will explore their relationship and look at conflicts that might exist between them, and move toward ways of resolving these conflicts in order to develop the inner harmony that we need in order to live our lives creatively.


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Mary Diggin

Mary Diggin, MA


Beauty Within: Imagery and Sweat lodge

A sweat lodge works with wholeness, as our deep imagination does and the experience of imagery journeys, combined with the sweat lodge can lead to particularly powerful experience. In the workshop, Mary will introduce the sweat lodge, and the directions: East, South, West, North, Father Sky and Mother Earth and our own direction. We will then will work with deep imagination to meet the energies of the direction that is most important to us for the sweat lodge that evening. Come join us for this powerful event![/two_thirds_last]


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found art Image

Imagery and Art with Gail Perkins


Art and Imagery

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use found objects to create works of art: leaves, twigs, small stones and any other item that seems appropriate. We’ll begin with a deep Imagery journey and use the guidance from the journey to gather our objects. We’ll talk about materials, techniques, and concepts. You’ll leave the class an art piece you’ve created yourself and that is inspired by your imagery work.

What You’ll Need: Bring your creativity. If you have old broken jewelry or a picture or any other small object, bring it with you and we’ll use it in your project!

Gail Perkins is an experienced Art Therapist and Deep Imagery Practitioner who works in Philadelphia, PA USA.




[one]Children’s Animal Journeys – a Theater & Imagery workshop for Children with Jessica Clements, UK

Boundaries with Dirk Flessing, DE

Caring Movements that I and my Body like with Noana Gorig, AT

Inner tale with  Justyna Rosa, PL

Law of Attraction with Barbara Reiter, DE

Budidadadididodo – creativity trainingwith Renata Ponikiewicz, PL

Circle Dancing with Agnieszka Cichoń, PL