2020 Festivals of the Animals

This year, the Deep Imagery Community is offering two Festivals.

In the USA, we will offer a virtual mini-Festival on September 5, 2020.

In the EU, we return to Gut Frohberg for an in-person traditional Festival, health guidelines permitting, from Oct 22-27. 

USA Deep Imagery Virtual Festival

IIVR Virtual Deep Imagery Festival

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for a day of Self-nurturing through Deep Imagery workshops facilitated through Zoom.

Steve Gallegos, Mary Diggin, Debra Vickroy, Jessica Clements, Qatana Samanen, Phee Brooks, and others.

Workshops, social time, time with our inner guides! 

Fee: $50

To pay by check, please send your check to:
IIVR, PO Box 632, Velarde NM 87582

Pay through Paypal: https://py.pl/5qRWpmqSz5k

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Schedule and Workshop Descriptions

  • 6:00am MDT: Steve Gallegos,PhD Journey to your Sacred Space, both Inner and Outer
  • 9:00AM MDT Jessica Clements, Animal of the Heart: a one hour workshop for children and the young at heart! Bring paper, pencils, crayons…
  • 10:30 AM MDT: Mary Diggin, Ph.D. Meeting a guide to the “unasked-for Gift,” freely offered to you.
  • 1:30 PM MDT: Phee Brooks, MSW Meeting the Animal of Being
  • 1:30 PM MDT: Qatana Samanen,PhD, The Three Poisons: Aversion, Attachment and Ignorance
  • 4:30MDT Debra Vickroy, MFT, Journey to a guide to growing during the pandemic
  • 7:30 MDT SOCIAL HOUR on Zoom With your own beverages and snacks!
Meet a guide for the "Unasked-for Gift," with Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

I was put in mind of the “unasked for gift” recently when leading my Cocooning group over the festival of Lunasa. In Ireland, the period of Lunasa includes Fraochan Sunday, the Sunday at the end of July when Bilberries are gathered.

At this time of harvest, with a focus on the crops we have sown, the plants we have nurtured and that now, burst into fruition, ready to be harvested and gathered, it is lovely to also have the reminder of the “unasked-for Gift.”

This is the thing we haven’t planted. We haven’t tended. We haven’t sown or protected or fertilized. We haven’t worked at this and we don’t need to either. But it is here, given freely, offered for us to gather. In this time, when Covid-19 has changed our world, when there are storms in one area and drought in an another, when uncertainty seems like the only certainty, and it seems we must work hard at being ok, it is a good time to recognize what is offered freely to us.

This is the unasked-for gift. Like Grace in the Christian tradition, it is the thing freely given by the divine or the universe or by our wholeness… whatever word speaks to you. In this journey, we will meet a guide for this “Unasked-for Gift,” who can show us where it resides and how we may gather it.

Jessica Clements, Animal of the Heart

The Animal of your Heart Open to children and anyone interested.

If there are no children, Jessica will mainly speak about the work she does with children with her stage presentation “the Elephant of the heart”.

When Jessica was 9 years old, she had a stroke and underwent extensive brain surgery. Her stage presentation is about the healing experiences she has had with her Elephant of the Heart and she guides the children in the audience to meet their own Heart animal. This workshop will be partially experiential. Bring art materials.

Qatana Samanen, PhD, The Three Poisons: Aversion, Attachment and Ignorance

Buddhism teaches us that our true nature is connected with all that is, filled with light, love, compassion and joy. Suffering arises when we fall under the influence of the 3 Poisons: Aversion, Attachment and Ignorance. Aversion creates anger, fear or judgement. Attachment leads to insatiable desire, greed and addiction.

Ignorance of our true nature makes us feel isolated and alone, cut off from those around us and from our own creativity.

In this workshop, you will call forth a Guide to help you to recognize how the 3 Poisons are working in your life and how you can come into a different relationship with Aversion, Attachment and/or Ignorance, so you can live a life of greater joy and fulfillment.

Phee Brooks Licis, MSW Meeting the Animal of Being

Prior to the Covid19 Pandemic, many of us had busy lives with multi-tasking, hectic schedules and stress-inducing activities. This has been promoted by our culture’s focus on accomplishments, achievements and productivity as standards of success. We had actually learned “doing” quite well, whether in the form of a busy mind, which is constantly thinking and assessing, or an active body that is driven to keep moving. The importance of just “being” may often have come in second in our lives. Now, in this unprecedented time in human history, the Covid19 Pandemic is asking us to limit our in-person social connections and activities to what we consider essential. Wouldn’t this be a perfect time to shift our focus within to the art of “Being”? Perhaps, this is a nudge for us to meet the Animal of “Being”, so we don’t miss the rich treasures that our Animal of “Being” has to offer us. What is it our Animal of “Being” would tell us? What would it want us to know? What would it want to show us? What do we need to know about “being” in our lives and the world, rather than doing? Let’s find out! Come, meet your Animal of “Being”!


US Virtual Festival (1)

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About Festival of the Animals

At the festivals, a very special space for deep encounter and connection is created. Everyone is cordially invited to be there, to contribute, to give workshops and to participate, to journey together, to laugh, to cry, to sing, to be alive in the depths and to experience wholeness.
The festival offers plenty of space for encounters, for connection, for inner growth and above all for joint exchange and community building. There are workshops, music, creative offerings, the Silent Auction and on Sunday evening the Evening of Expression.


  • be part of the internationally growing deep imagery community
  • deepening your Deep Imagery Experience
  • connect with and get inspired by Deep Imagery practitioners and workshop leaders from all over the world
  • having space for different journeys, your own creativity and your inner growing
  • experience yourself as Workshop leader
  • having a lot of fun
  • celebrate together our beings and our lives
  • meet old friends and make new ones
  • getting to know new landscapes and animals, inside and outside of you
  • Engage with your own deep aliveness

Embracing Wholeness

Oct 22-27, 2020, Gut Frohberg, DE

You are invited to embrace the wholeness of yourself and of life: the wounds, the shadows, the contradictions, the potentials, the aliveness and the beauty – in you, in the circle and throughout the world.

More information &  registration  tiefenimagination.com

Questions & Workshop Offers to festival@tiefenimagination.de