Deep Imagery

The International Institute for Visualization Research is dedicated to promoting the use of spontaneous personal imagery, a method of inner healing and self-transformation rooted in the Personal Totem Pole Process©. It is committed to restoring to individuals their innate spiritual wisdom and power so they can live as true whole humans in harmony with themselves, one another and the earth. A non-profit organization.

If you are interested in the use of Deep Imagery or wish to explore our innate inner wisdom as it presents itself to us, through Deep Imagery, then you have come to the right place. We offer trainings, workshop and individual sessions worldwide through our practitioners and trainers that use Deep Imagery in a healing and creative way.

“The importance of imagery may be not that we clothe the world in images, but that we clothe ourselves in imagery, and in this manner then gain the natural depth that is our heritage. ”
Eligios S. Gallegos, PhD., Discoverer of the Personal Totem Pole Process®

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Deep Imagery

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