Welcome To Deep Imagery

Are you seeking to deepen your connection to your inner self?

Are you a  professional looking for a way to enhance your work with clients?

Are you willing to commit to a deep inner process?

Then we can help.

We offer

Individual deep inner journeys guided by skilled practitioners
Deep Imagery workshops
A three year, in depth training process


Come, Meet your Inner guides

Deep Imagery Distance Learning Training

With Mary Diggin, Ph.D.


Join Mary for an in-your-home training, no matter where in the world you live.
International groups.
Accessible. Affordable. 

Deep Imagery Residential Training

CA: Dianne Timberlake & Debra Vickroy

FL: Phyllis Brooks Licis

NM: Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

Our trainers are willing to travel!
Contact them if you would like a training held near you!

Deep Imagery Gatherings

CA: Dianne Timberlake & Debra Vickroy
email: socalgroup@deepimagery.net

3 or 4 times a year.
Join us in Covina, CA!

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E.S. Gallegos, Ph.D.

Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

Core Features of our work

For more videos, visit Dr. Gallegos’ playlist

Inner Guides

Many people will meet their inner guides in the form of animals. However, not everyone will meet an animal guide. Journeyers may encounter plants, stones, colors, shapes, people. We have room for every person’s unique imagery. Our practitioners can assist you in building a relationship to you inner guides, however they come to you.


We often begin by focussing on energy centers or loci of particular alivenesses in the body. While we use the term Chakra, we do not use the interpretations of these centers of aliveness from any Eastern tradition. Instead, we encourage journeyers to meet with their own aliveness as it presents itself at these loci.

Our unique, inner depths

We are all individual. We are all unique. Too often the world we live in makes us lose sight of this. Objectivity rather than subjectivity is emphasized in modern Western culture. Discovering your inner totem pole of the deep imagination is deeply subjective work. Your inner world is your inner world. In our practice, we make it safe for you to explore the depths of this inner world, to build the relationships and support you need, deep inside yourself.

Join us for our 2019 Imagery Festival in Gut Frohberg, DE

Join us October 17-22, 2019. Living Deeply Connected.

Deep Imagery Trainings

Interested in a training? Contact our Office or visit the training lists page or contact a trainer directly.

Deep Imagery Workshops

Find a workshop near you.

Find a Practitioner

Find someone to guide you. Book a session with one of practitioners.

Find an event near you.

A worldwide community

Working with the deep imagination.
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Explore this website. You can find information on all USA/CAN Deep Imagery here as well as worldwide events and information on practitioners.

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Besuchen Sie Tiefenimagination.com für Informationen über Veranstaltungen und Begleiter. Sie können auch die weltweiten Verzeichnis-und Veranstaltungs-Seiten auf dieser Website.


Visit www.deepimagery.wordpress.com for lists of practitioners, articles etc. You will also find events and practitioners from Denmark on the events and directory pages on this website.


Czech Republic

Návštěva: www.deepimagery.cz/. Výuka probíhá přes anglicky s překladem do českého jazyka.

Deep Imagery

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