Getting old has come suddenly, like flipping a switch. It was not gradual, although logically one would think, since the numbers have been sequential, that the event would also be logically sequential in a predictable and gradual manner. But it has not been so. The change has been sudden and abrupt. I see it when I look in the mirror. I see an old man looking back at me whereas inside I am still young, or even better yet, ageless. For agelessness is the true age of our aliveness. The shell changes, the cocoon begins to wither, the outer casing begins its orientation toward dispensation, being discardable. For there is something within that needs to be freed. That within has always been present, but usually we get so taken up by the outer shell that we ignore the inner. This is the source of our great ignorance. We have forgotten the importance of the inside. In fact, the inside is much more important than the outside. And much bigger. Eternally bigger!

— Steve Gallegos, from chp 6, Imagination Education, a book in process