You are one of the finest instruments that has ever been designed. And you carry one of the most mysterious and valuable dimensions we know of: your awareness. The seed of that awareness is aliveness.

mistywoodsAliveness is awesome. For it has been designed to gather the sustenance that sees to its own perpetuation and continuation. And it is designed to give birth to ever changing dimensions of itself. It knows how to respond to the surrounding circumstances, and how to react and change itself so that it persists.

And of all of the alivenesses that has ever been devised, you are the only one that has the capacity to increase that awareness by gathering greater and greater quantities of aliveness into a potentially vast awareness. No other aliveness that we know of has this capability.

And how do we treat that amazing instrument that you are? We train it as if it were an ignorant monkey to act in fulfillment of patterns and structures that do not serve you but instead serve the perpetuation of a corrupt system and pattern whose purpose is the supposed benefit and protection of a few, the maintenance of an enervating and draining superstructure, and the ongoing corruption of the very elements needed for the further perpetuation of aliveness itself.

We could as easily, or even easier, nurture those inherent qualities of who you are, support the very uniqueness that you have brought into the world and value the inestimable qualities that you are capable of, and through this bring about a change in the nurturing of all life. Instead we have come to a place of limiting, killing, and enslaving. How could we ever have become so ignorant?

Is it not time that we see ourselves clearly, that we take an assessment as to what we, and those preceding us have done, and that we cease to serve those dimensions that limit, and truly begin to further the ones that nurture, enhance and support?

© E S Gallegos 3/7/2014