Mary Diggin offers a 6 day event during Holy Week, in New Mexico, USA where participants have the opportunity to explore the Penitente experience through imagery journeys and participation in the Holy week ceremonies as offered by the Penitente brothers, in a small community in Northern New Mexico.

The first 2 days of the workshop are spent exploring Los Hermanos de la Fraternidad Piadosa de Padre Jesus Nazareno (the Penitentes), through their history, the alabados and rituals. There is also time for personal exploration through Deep Imagery journeys that explore the participants own intersection with this ritual and with the Christian story of Holy week.

The image of the suffering mother, Madre de Dolores, the compassionate and divine feminine is particularly emphasized in this workshop. Drawing on her images in the tradition, the journeys will ask where does she speak to me?

Where is my own suffering reflected in this story? What are the sorrows in my heart?

What do I need to mourn and let go of?

How, when and why does the suffering mother speak to me?

What is the healing that needs to take place in me as I participate in this ritual time?

From Wednesday afternoon to Friday, the group will take part in the Holy week rituals, ending with the Tinieblas ceremony late on Friday night. We will have the opportunity to be fully participant in the public ceremonies as well as helping with the practical elements of the ritual process.

On Saturday, we will have time for final journeys and if offered, to take part in singing the Gloria with the hermanos.

Tuition Fee: $500 (includes donation to the Morada de Nuestro Señor de Esquipula)

Dates: April 14-19, 2014

Location: La Madera, NM

Email Mary at for more information