A Core Curriculum Deep Imagery Training with Dianne Timberlake (USA, WA)
Venue: Aldermarsh Retreat Center, Whidbey Island, WA

Dates: takes place in 3 four day sessions per year.
Year 1 Session 1/3 – March 12-15
Year 1 Session 2/3 – June 11-14
Year 1 Session 3/3 – October 1-4

Brochure: Whidbey Flyer (PDF)

Year One of the Core Curriculum Training in the Deep Imagery approach known as the Personal Totem Pole Process® (PTPP) will be offered in three separate four-day sessions by Dianne Timberlake, MA, MFT with the assistance of Debra Vickroy, MS, MFT.

This Deep Imagery process views the active imagination itself as a vehicle for personal growth. It extends an invitation to journey into the deeper levels of oneself with open curiosity and a willingness to grow, as well as to let go of any agenda about how that growing unfolds. It is a process that involves one’s whole being in the present moment of the journey.

Learning to guide another person into connection with their own deep imagination requires us to
be intimate with our own deep imagination and in relationship with our own imaginal guides.
Thus, this training is highly experiential in nature and demands the courage of commitment to
one’s own growing – whether emotional, psychological or spiritual. A guide cannot facilitate a
journey into territory which remains unexplored in his or her own psyche.

If you are interested:

Contact: Dianne Timberlake: dmtimber37@gmail.com
OR (707)318-3267n


Training Dates:

Session #1: Thursday, March 12 to Sunday, March 15, 2015

Session #2: Thursday, June 11 to Sunday, June 14, 2015

Session #3: Thursday, Oct. 1 to Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015


The training will be held in NorthHouse at the beautiful Aldermarsh Retreat Center, Clinton,

WA (http://www.marshhouse.com) Shuttle service is available from SEA/TAC Airport and from

ferry terminals.

Fees for the entire Year One Training:

Tuition: $1,800 (A number of payment options will be available.)

Lodging: $375-$510 depending of number of participants ($125-$170 per session)

Facilities fee for non-lodging participants: $300 ($100 per session) Some small work

scholarships may reduce this fee.