I was introduced to my first inner animal, an elephant, in 1989, with a friend who’d just completed the Personal Totem Pole Process Course in Switzerland. It took me till 2012 to join Stephen Gallegos and I began my Personal Totem Pole Process, in a 3 year course, and what an amazing decision that was.

The many animals I’ve discovered & journeyed with have been intensely healing for me. I had a haemorrhagic stroke when I was a child and journeying with the animals of my senses, in particular the animal of touch, brought me to a new place of deep release and healing.

Yet the wondrous thing about one’s inner animals is that they take you to where you need to go. This is the brilliance of the method. Stephen Gallegos recognised and mapped out a pathway, guided by animals, that returns us to where each of us needs to go; what he calls “our inner wholeness”.

His teaching guides rather than states. His responses to questions become invitations to journey within. For he knows, as I now know, that all our answers lie within us.

Yet one sometimes needs a guide to point this out. Stephen Gallegos, through the PTPP, was this guide for me. His huge intellect softened by his enormous heart & love of humanity makes him a great, great teacher, in the truest sense of the word.” Jessica