cover of book: Dream VisitsDream Visits, Steve Gallegos’ new book is available on!

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Dream Visits is the third book in the series Stories for the Inner Child, by Steve Gallegos (E.S. Gallegos, Ph.D). The series explores the deep imagination as a living and vital part of human awareness. The focus in this book is on dreams.

Once again, we follow the tale of David and Cornelia as they grow up. Cornelia is now 5 and David is surprised to discover that his little sister may actually know more about somethings than he does!

When David has some strange dreams, he begins to explore how mysterious dreaming can be. He is then astounded to meet Cornelia in his dreams and to discover that she dream travels! Through his conversations and dream visits with Cornelia and Grandfather, he begins to appreciate more and more the power and depth of dreams.

Mother, Eagle, Horse and of course, Elephant all assist in expanding David and Cornelia’s experience of dreaming.