Too busy to join a residential training group?
Too far away from an ongoing PTPP® Training?Why not join Mary Diggin’s Distance course with one residential long weekend per year?

We know you are busy and while our preferred format is still a mainly residential training, we realize that for many people, travel costs, time away from work and family can make a residential training difficult. With that in mind, we are offering our first ever mainly online and telephone/skype based training with a commitment to one long weekend residential per year. And we are offering it at a reduced tuition rate of $1200 USD per year, exclusive of residential and other costs.

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The Personal Totem Pole Core Curriculum Training in Deep Imagery is a 3 year long process, during which trainees learn how to guide individuals into the deep imagination, through the Personal Totem Pole Process. Upon completion of the three year process, trainees are certified by the International Institute for Visualization Research as Deep Imagery practitioners. For more information on the training itself, visit

For the first time ever, we are offering a mainly online and telephone based training, with a short residential requirement of one 4 day unit per year.

Final date and venue for the residential unit will be determined by the group composition. It may be held in New Mexico, USA or in a rotating venue.

Each year, we will work through the IIVR Core Curriculum training outline, broken down into smaller segments. For instance in Year One, we will work from the Seed journey to the Chakra Journeys and Healing Council over a 10 month period rather than over the usual 12 day residential. Trainees will receive individual support sessions by Skype, phone or email. In person sessions are also possible, if they live in New Mexico.

The course will include online resources such as video and documents; Group and individual telephone/Skype journeys/sessions guided by Mary; Individual telephone/Skype/in person journeys exchanged between students; Individual consultation with Mary; 4 day Residential with imagery journeys, group work and consultations.

Maximum number of participants: 6

Tuition per year: $1200 if paid in full by July 31, each year. $1300 if paid in 2 parts, $650 due each July 31 and February 28. For other arrangements, please discuss with Mary.

Residential accommodation and food will be extra to this fee.

Year One October 1, 2016 to July 2017. Residential in July or August.

Year Two October 1, 2017 to July 2018. Residential in July or August.

Year Three October 1, 2018 to July 2019. Residential in July or August.

In order to apply or to ask more questions, please contact Mary. Mary will be in touch with you quickly with the details.