Jessica Clements is bringing her musical to Edinburgh! The musical is based on her childhood experience of a brain hemorrhage and her healing from it, particularly the healing that occurred from her deep imagery journeys with the Elephant of her Heart

A message from Jessica:

“The Elephant of My Heart Children’s Musical” needs your help! It’s an unusual show as it links storytelling with Deep Imagery. We first tell the story of my initial journey with my Elephant then at the end I introduce the audience to the Animals of their Heart in a visualisation.

It’s a wonderful way to bring Stephen Gallegos’ work to Children but we need money to take it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August.

The festival is an excellent place to be noticed by promoters and if we are then our next stop could be Broadway and all the children who could see it and find their Heart’s Animals there.

But what’s it all about? This is where I need to let the Kick Starter video take over. I do hope you enjoy it and feel inspired to help us to take this show to Edinburgh.

Many thanks,
Jessica Clements & Mr Elephant!