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TurtleThe Festival of the Animals 2016 will be held at The Mary and Joseph Retreat center, 5300 Crest Rd, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 from August 1-5, 2016. Scroll down to see map & images from Google Maps. 

Contact Info:  Email us at Festival2016@deepimagery.net for more information.

Airport: The nearest airport is LAX (Los Angeles International). It is approximately 40mins drive from the retreat center.

Join us for our weeklong celebration of Deep Imagery and the ‘animalwork’.

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Dates: Aug 1-5, 2016

August 1:
3 pm:
6 pm: Dinner
7:30 pm: Opening Ceremony and Journey to Animal of the Festival

August 2-4: Workshops morning and afternoon.

Friday, August 5: Closing ceremony & lunch
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Current Workshop list:

Debra Vickroy – Introduction to your Chakra Animals
Steve Gallegos – TBA
Mary Diggin – The Internal Home: Finding Belonging within
Karen Rider – Imagery and Art
Bill Woodrum – Mindfulness and Imagery
Jim Gorin – Spiritual Journaling
Rosa Woodrum: Imagery and the Four Directions: includes making four directions prayer flags
Jenny Garrison – Field trip to The Center for Spiritual Living (Wednesday afternoon, August 3)

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Payment Options

You will have a choice of 2 payment options.

  1. EFT/wire transfer
  2. Paypal Checkout  for Debit and Credit cards or with a PayPal account.

IMPORTANT: Choose Paypal as your checkout option if you wish to pay by Credit or Debit card.

You can read instructions on how to Make a Credit card payment on PayPal without setting up a PayPal accountby clicking here. If you need help, read the attached PDF  before you proceed with payment or email us.

If you want to make an international wire transfer, then select the EFT/Wire transfer option and afterwards email festival2016@deepimagery.net for the instructions.

No checks accepted. 

If you are having issues, email us and we will invoice you.

If you need further assistance, email  festival2016@deepimagery.net or the IIVR office iivr@deepimagery.net.

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Early Bird until May 15: $520 per person, shared room. $320 Commuter. Lunch & Dinner included. Breakfast $40 extra.
Late Booking (After May 15) $550 per person, shared room. $350 Commuter. Lunch & Dinner included. Breakfast $40 extra.

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Register via our online form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mjncBdwHH2ewlWMSfv2pfnpjUw_IcxnZr47pjucVgtc/viewform

Email festival2016@deepimagery.net with questions or with special requests


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Airport Pickup

We will be coordinating pick ups at the airport, so no need to rent a car unless you have plans to travel around Southern California. Just let us know when you register if you need to be picked up fro LAX.

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Map, Directions and Photos:


[map id=”27″]