Core Curriculum Training

The Core Curriculum happens over three years and usually consists of 12 days training per year. The 12 days is most often divided into two 6 day periods although sometimes a trainer chooses to divide it into different time segments. The training prepares you to guide individuals in the Personal Totem Pole ProcessĀ©. Upon certified completion of the three year program, you may be listed in the official Directory of Certified Guides of the International Institute for Visualization Research (IIVR), if you wish.


You commit to the training for one year at a time. If you are not able to attend a part of one particular year, you may have to repeat the entire year. You may have supervision sessions with your trainer between scheduled training meetings. We encourage you and your fellow trainees, perhaps with other trained Totem Pole practitioners, to meet and journey between training sessions. Your trainer may require this.


In order to gain the capacity of guiding deep imagery journeys in an appropriate way it is essential to focus is on your own process.

Growing and learning during training is an individual process. The diversity within the group is often a catalyst for individual growth. We view this as an integral part of your training. Your growing and healing provide the foundation upon which your guiding of others is dependent. You may need one-on-one guidance for your own healing during certain times or you may need to journey in a group. Knowing your own path to healing through Imagery will allow you guide others more fully on their path.

At the end of the three years of training, you with your trainer may have determined that you need some more growing or training in some specific area in order to be fully certified. Your trainer may impose restrictions on your certification, but will discuss these with you before the completion of formal training.

After successful completion of each year of training you will receive a certificate of completion. A first year training hand book is available. This book is copyrighted and may not be copied. You may not use any techniques described in the book until you have experienced them in your training and your trainer has given approval.

In the first year, you are permitted to practice only with other trainees. However, you may already work with clients in a therapeutic setting. In this case, after discussion with and the approval of your trainer, you may start slowly and with respect to work with your clients in the Personal Totem Pole ProcessĀ®.

Your trainer may require you to record journeys you guide and provide them, with your comments and questions. You may experience some confusion, insecurity, or lack of clarity about the work. Address that to your trainer during training, to the other trainees individually or in your support group, and, of course, to your animals.

Trainings take place in many places and in many venues. If you are interested in taking part in one, please contact us. Also check the training schedules to see if there is one that suits you. If you are seriously interested and there is none happening in your area, you could set up one by arrangement with one of our trainers. A minimum of 12 people is usually recommended although individual trainers are flexible on this.

Workshop leader training

It is possible to apply for workshop leader training only after completion of the Three Year Certificate. After successful completion of the three-year program you may apply for Workshop Leader Training. This consists of two one-week sessions separated by at least one year. After the first week, with the approval of your trainer, you may be allowed to begin work with groups. Your trainer may impose restrictions on your group work, which he or she will discuss with you. Advanced training workshops are also available.