Third Year

The third year is devoted to relationship work: working with the animal of relationship, working with people’s projections on one another, and working with people in pairs, inviting their corresponding chakra animals and their animals of the four windows to meet.

In the meeting of these animals, fundamental relationship patterns become visible. In the course of a journey you can explore with the help of the animals where these patterns come from. Often it becomes clear that we meet well with another person in only some of the chakras and in other chakras there is need for healing and growth. These journeys can be done either with the chakra animals or with the animals of the four windows of knowing.

Relationship journeys

In this setting two individuals lying next to each other are guided by a third person. The two people journey simultaneously to their chakras and invite the animals of the other person to join them in each corresponding chakra. As the journeys unfold, the dynamics of the particular relationship becomes clear and a deeper understanding of how these too people interact is reached by the participants in the relationship. This experience gives the Third year trainee a solid ground for working with others in a new, creative way.

Journey to the Absent Other

Sometimes we have a desire for a healing relationship journey with another person who is not physically present. This is a Journey to the Absent other. We start by asking,  in our imagery,  for permission to journey with the energy of the other person. Only if we get a clear yes as an answer we can start our journey. We call an animal either of the relationship or of one of our chakras e.g. our heart animal. We ask it to bring us to the corresponding animal of the other person in order that the two animals can meet each other. The encounter can show us what is happening on a deeper level of our relationship and helps transform and heal any difficulties.