Workshop Leader Training

The workshop leader training is open to those who have completed the three years Core Curriculum training in the Personal Totem Pole Process ®.

The training consists of a total of two parts and approves the participant to lead groups in the process of deep imagination.

groupIn the first part of training, workshop participants are required to lead a 3 hour workshop in deep imagery.  The topics assigned to participants will include: 1) workshop with the seven chakras, 2) journey to the four windows of knowing, and 3) working with polarities. This workshop is open to both the Workshop leader training group and to outsiders who have experienced in the Deep Imagery/PTPP process and to non-experienced newcomers. This allows the WLT trainee to experience real world conditions in leading a workshop.

After the 3 hour workshop, a closed group session is held and allows the WLT trainee to receive feedback and encouragement on their skills at leading a Deep Imagery workshop. Often, personal unresolved issues arise. The in-depth feedback and further individual work gives room for exploring personal issues relating to the conduct of groups, through discussion and journeys.

Completion of the first part of the WLT, is followed by a period of at least one year in which the trainee guides groups in deep imagery workshops. This is the time for exploration of topics and formats. The WL Trainee is encouraged to build on the feedback they received and to continue working on whatever arises in their leading of groups.

After this period of active work as a workshop leader and experimenting with different formats, the workshop leaders participate in the second part of the training, so that their experience is affirmed and any difficulties can be explored. Feedback and detailed individual work to allow participants to explore their ability as a group leader in its entirety.

The successful conclusion of the second part allows participants in the Workshop Leader training to be certified as Workshop Leaders by the IIVR.