A Core Curriculum Deep Imagery Training with Mary Diggin (Canada)

Mary DigginLocation: Michaelite Retreat House, London, Ontario
Dates: Training will begin February 18, 2016.

The tuition costs are $1800CAD i..e. canadian dollars.

Some tuition bursaries and stipends available for work or exchange. Participants may also apply to the IIVR for a small grant, if money is available.

Room and Board:
Full Residential (food and bed): $300CAD per session. $900 for the full year.
Non Residential Food & facilities: $200 CAD per session. $600 for the full year.

Downloadable Resources:
Imagery Information Brochure:
Canada Events Poster
Training & Dream workshop:
Canada Imagery Flyer dreamflyer

Contact: Mary Diggin info@marydiggin.com or Susanne Hodgins CanadaImagery@deepimagery.net

The Personal Totem Pole Process

The Personal Totem Pole Process teaches us a means of engaging with the deep imagination that is open ended and relational. As a process, the PTPP® recognizes Imagery, along with Thinking, sensing and feeling, as ways of knowing.

The PTPP®, like other depth psychological approaches has the understanding that imagination is the primary tool of consciousness. It understands deep imagery as inherently integrative: it allows us to reestablish balance and wholeness through the experiences we have in imagery journeys.

To be a successful guide, we must gain familiarity with the many ways of imagery. We need to become skilled at guiding without intruding, of holding space with clarity, with giving direction without distracting the journeyer.

The Core Curriculum training is thus highly experiential, allowing participants to plunge deeply into their own process, in order to familiarize themselves with the deep imagination and become intimate with their own imagery guides. One can only guide where one has gone before so the training requires a depth of commitment to one’s own process and growth, an openness to change, a curiosity about one’s own psyche and a willingness to experience whatever needs to happen for one’s own healing.

For more information on Mary, visit http://www.marydiggin.com. For information on the Core Curriculum Training process, visit: Trainings on this site.

This training group is still forming. There are enough people for it to go ahead as is but optimally, we would like a few more people.

If you are interested:

Contact: Mary Diggin info@marydiggin.com or Susanne Hodgins CanadaImagery@deepimagery.net